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Choose from our collection of vibrant trees and shrubs especially selected to thrive in our climate.

Varieties include native and pollinator plants, food-source plants for birds and humans, as well as a fantastic selection of flowering shrubs. 

Organically Grown Herbs

You’ll find culinary, medicinal and ornamental herb plants, many propagated right here.

Locally Grown Plants

Buy hardy, locally grown shrubs, perennial flowers, herb plants, and annuals directly from the grower.

Tour our demonstration gardens for ideas and
inspiration. Receive sound gardening advice from a seasoned professional.

Annuals and Perennials

We offer perennial flowers, native varieties, and an extensive collection of shade plants that are propagated right here at WHG to ensure their hardiness. Our selection of annual plants includes long-blooming types perfect for your gardens, containers, and cut flowers.

Small Fruits and Berries

We carry a healthy section of High Bush Blueberry, Current, Gooseberry, Elderberry, and native Yezberry bushes. Why not grow a few attractive and delicious fruit bushes in your own back yard?
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